Youth Ministry

Bringing young people together in a safe and caring environment.

Bible study, service projects and social activities provide many opportunities for growth and fun; while providing an opportunity to expand their circle of Christian friends and enhance their ability to learn and grow in Christian fellowship.
The Youth Ministry is open to all young people who are in the seventh grade and above.

Youth activities include such things as:

  • Swimming, Putt-Putt golf, bowling, movies, etc.
  • Camp Chrysalis - Lutheran Summer Camp
  • Game days at the church
  • Fund raising projects for camp special interest projects


Peace Circle

We welcome anyone who would like to study God's word and join us in fellowship once a month.

The Peace Circle traditionally meets on the second Tuesday of each month and rotates between members’ homes. Each and every woman member of St. John is considered a member of WELCA and the Peace Circle is a part of that. We gather together at 7:00 pm for fellowship and Bible Study. Our Bible Study is taken from the magazine for the Women of the ELCA, the Lutheran Woman Today. Magazines can be ordered through our WELCA treasurer, Yvonne Tolle. The current WELCA President from St. John is Leoma Steffen.

The meeting date is listed on the monthly church calendar in the newsletter and shows the place where we will be meeting. Our circle also conducts the yearly Thankoffering Service, which is usually held during the Sunday worship service closest to Thanksgiving.
All money given at this time is sent to projects world wide that the WELCA supports, which is church-wide. The WELCA also collects items for kits or soap to be sent to Lutheran World Relief. Last year we only sent soap, but in the past we have put together health kits, school kits and sewing kits. These kits are collected around Easter time and sent to national headquarters and then distributed world wide where needed.

Please see Leoma Steffen or Gayle Stroh for more information regarding the Peace Circle.


Lutheranairs meet twice a month on the first Thursday and the third Wednesday of each month. The fellowship begins at 9:30 am on those dates and meets in the Fellowship Hall of St. John and is usually over by 12:30 pm. The morning is spent playing dominoes and at lunch time, hamburgers are ordered from Highway 78 Cafe and shared with those attending. Members usually bring treats such as chips or cookies or cake to share with others.

Anyone, member or non-member, and friends can join the fun! At special times of the year, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Pastor Jim will bake a roast or ham and members bring side dishes to go along with the meat. That will also be posted in the church calendar in our monthly newsletter. Please contact Pastor Jim for details if you are interested in attending.


Quilting Ministry is every Tuesday morning from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. This group of men and women enjoy "doing", love to laugh, and spending time together. Quilting Ministry is open to anyone who loves to cut, knit, stitch quilt, sew, or who can tie a knot. This Ministry makes as many quilts as possible to send all over the world for the Lutheran World Relief program.